Songs from the soul


The power of music to transcend boundaries: Ranjit Acharchya, better known in Kathmandu’s business circles as the CEO of Prisma Advertising, was living proof of this, as seen during the launch of his debut album Dilnashi, at a heavily-attended programme held in Hotel Shangrila on December 22. The event represented the first ever release of a Hindi language album  in Nepal, comprising songs recorded in Nepali studios and performed by Nepali artistes.

While some might wonder what led such an eminent advertiser—Acharya has, after all, nearly 20 years of experience in the profession—to push his efforts into songwriting, for him, it was an easy choice. “Hindi music has always had a big fanbase in Nepal, and I think it’s an encouraging sign that so many well-known figures from the music industry here were so enthusiastic about this project,” he says. Singers on the album range from popular names like Satya Raj Acharya, Sworoop Raj Acharya, Sugam Pokhrel, Santosh Lama, to the only female name on the list—Shreya Sotang—among others. Lyrics to all nine songs in Dilnashi have been penned by Acharya.

Comprising mostly of mellow, romantic numbers in keeping with the album’s theme of ‘soul-touching’ tunes, the songs performed during the launch were a big hit with the guests, particularly the title song as sung by Satya Raj Acharya, Santosh Lama’s rendition of Tanha Hum, and Shreya Sotang’s melodic vocals in Tere Mere Darmiyaan. Acharya also recited a poem, Aama, during the programme, dedicating it to his mother Ranju Acharya, a big influence in his life and work.

Dilnashi is already available in Nepal, and will see an eventual release in India. Acharya also released Aama, sung by Satya Raj Acharya and Bhadgaule Topi sung by Rupak Dotel, at the event.


Posted on: 2012-12-24 08:43