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A pocketful of momos

DEC 18 -

It was in early 2010 that had organised a workshop with renowned photographers Philip Blenkisop and Munem Wasif, as part of an undertaking to bring about an overhaul in visual representations of Kathmandu. So for five days, participants were encouraged to veer away from the kind of stereotypical images of temples and landmarks that have come to be associated with the city in popular consciousness, and unearth their own versions, their own stories of what Kathmandu means. A culmination of those efforts is finally about to be revealed in book form at a launch scheduled for December 19 at the Metro Park in Uttar Dhoka—in a volume playfully titled Kathmandu, A Pocketful of Momos.

Blenkinsop sought to get the participants—37 in total, made up of students from Pathshala in Bangladesh, Oslo University College in Norway and members from Nepal—to think about how to interpret their surroundings beyond the constraints of landscape and architecture, and capture moments and interactions that had never been seen before, unique to the individual photographer’s eye and experience. It was an attempt to refashion the city’s identity through little snippets, to see it as a moving, evolving entity, driven by the interactions and dynamics of its human and non-human inhabitants. The results were astoundingly diverse pieces that told tales of specific places and people, all invested with emotion and fulfilling what the workshop had been designed for all along: to make visible the unseen.

The launch of Kathmandu, A Pocketful of Momos will also feature a collaborative performance by DJ Nye Blen, Rohit Shakya from Jindabaad!, Nishant Gauchan from the Everest Crew B-Boys and the spoken word poets from Word Warriors.

The event starts at 6 pm at Metro Park

Posted on: 2012-12-18 08:41