War-ravaged buildings await reconstruction


In the absence of proper infrastructure, a number of government offices in Pyuthan are in dire straits. Many government buildings were damaged or destroyed during the 10-year Maoist insurgency and most are still awaiting reconstruction. Some of the offices are operating out of rented houses.

Ishwor Raj Pandey, secretary of Okharkot VDC, said that his office is operating out of the Gaumukhi Campus, the rent of which is Rs 1,000 a month. Pandey said that they were facing difficulties in keeping office documents safe amid the discomfort of working from such a small space.

The District Development Committee (DDC) said that Rs 25,000 on average is spent as rent for one VDC office every year.

Without an office building or proper accomodations, there has been little compliance with the DDC’s directive that VDC secretaries work from their respective villages. The secretaries said that they had not been able to construct office buildings due to the lack of a budget. Megharaj Gyawali, an engineer with the District Technical Office, said that despite repeated calls to the Ministry of Peace and Reconstruction, a budget for the reconstruction of office buildings has yet to be released.  

Of 48 VDC buildings destroyed during the insurgency, 25 have yet to be reconstructed. Thirty-four of those buildings were completely destroyed while 12 were partially damaged. Of the ravaged buildings, the VDC buildings at Bhring and Dharampani, Sworgadwari, Hansapur, Baraula, Khaira, Bijuwar, Puja and Tiram have been reconstructed in the last five years.

Likewise, damaged police posts at Chunjathati, Tiram, Maranthana and Bahane are also awaiting reconstruction. Temporary police posts at Kairan, Bagdula, Khal and Baddada have been operating out of rented buildings ever since.

The District Police Office said the Area Police Office building at Bhring and police posts at Dhugegadi, Baraula, Sworgadwari, Devisthan and Machhi had been reconstructed and that the police post at Bijuwar is under reconstruction.

Posted on: 2012-12-12 08:25