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Death of patient triggers tension


Thapathali-based Prasuti Griha (Maternity Hospital) remained tense on Tuesday following the death of a patient.

Goma Kunwar, 21, of Dhading died on Tuesday morning at Kathmandu Medical College (KMC), Sinamangal, 10 days after being referred from Prasuti. She had given birth to a baby boy at the state-owned hospital. Kunwar was admitted to Prasuti on November 30 and was referred to KMC the next day.

Relatives of the deceased staged protests on the hospital premises, saying that the Maternity Hospital’s “sheer

negligence” claimed Kunwar’s life. They have demanded action against those involved in her treatment and an ‘appropriate” amount of compensation.

Following the ruckus, talks were held between the hospital authorities and relatives in the afternoon, but to no avail.

Binod Pulami, husband of Kunwar, said the hospital did not inform them about the complications and referred his wife when she was at the last stage. “When I had brought her to the hospital she was fine. She gave birth to a baby boy and, all of a sudden, the doctor said she has to be referred without a prior notice to the

family due to complications,” Pulami said. Prasuti officials, however, rejected the demand for compensation. “It is our right to refer a patient to a better hospital for treatment. She was referred to another hospital 10 days ago,” said a hospital authority, adding, “Now they are demanding compensation after her death, which is illogical.”

Posted on: 2012-12-12 08:10