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Badhsala unveiled


Following the success he garnered for the critically-acclaimed Dasdhunga, director Manoj Pandit is now back with Badhsala, his newest project. The first look for the film took place on Monday at the Mandala Theatre in Anamnagar, marking the World Human Rights Day, in an event that was attended by the cast and crew.

“We started work on the film about a year ago, and wrapped up shooting on time,” Pandit said. “All that’s left to do now is to hope audiences like it as much as we do.” The director added that he had become so emotionally invested in the kind of dark, intense drama the story is comprised of that it consumed him completely for a long time. “I’d go home and just sit there repeating the dialogues out loud, and my wife would give me this strange look as if to say she thought I’d lost my mind,” he laughed.

Badhsala, produced by Mohan Dotel, is based on the real-life stories of victims of various human rights violations. And at Mandala, the lead actors—Anup Baral, Saugat Malla, Dayahang Rai, Arpan Thapa and Khagendra Lamichchane—dramatised a scene from the film, as a little preview for guests. The poster for the project was also launched on the occasion by Kedar Nath Upadhyay, chairman of the National Human Rights Commission of Nepal.

Sarita Giri and Samuna KC portray the female leads and both described the shooting as a revelatory process. “There’s a lot of realism in the film, which will probably show in the final result,” Giri said. “The violence, the beatings, we didn’t fake any of that.”

The film is currently slated for a March 8, 2013 release

Posted on: 2012-12-11 08:32