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Prime ministerial candidate today: NC

  • Koirala likely unanimous pick

  • Maoist leaders deny giving words to support Congress


Following pressure from the UCPN (Maoist) and the CPN-UML, the Nepali Congress on Tuesday said that it would name party’s prime ministerial candidate on Wednesday to lead a unity government.

The NC agreed to nominate its candidate after the Maoists and the UML said that NC “indecision” delayed the concrete and substantial discussion on power sharing. During a three-party meeting held at Special Committee Secretariat at Baneshwor, the NC assured the two parties that its Central Working Committee meet on Wednesday would name the prime ministerial candidate and unveil a clear roadmap to end the current deadlock.  

The NC is preparing to name its President Sushil Koirala as the party’s unanimous candidate. Earlier, the NC was stating that it would name its candidate only after other parties agree to form a government under its leadership. A top NC leader said selection of the prime ministerial candidate does not necessary earn them the Maoist party’s support them to form a unity government.

“The hidden cause for the selection of prime ministerial candidate is that if consensus eludes on a unity government, opposition parties will ask the President to appoint a PM on the basis of majority and for that opposition parties need a common candidate,” said the NC leader on condition of anonymity.

However, President Ram Baran Yadav’s advisors said that the head of  state would not call for formation of a majority government.

The NC leader said if consensus eludes, opposition parties would submit the signatures of majority members of the dissolved CA asking the head of state to appoint Koirala as PM. Maoist leaders denied giving words to support the NC but said that they are ready to adopt flexibility on power sharing if there is a package deal among parties. The Maoist party also said that it would accept the leadership of any individual that would guarantee federalism and holding fresh polls.

The three-party meet on Tuesday agreed to seek a package deal on all issues such as date of new CA election, procedure of amending the constitution and laws for holding election, number of constituencies and appointments in the constitutional bodies. The second deadline provided by President Yadav expires on Thursday to form a unity government. Cross party leaders dropped a hint that “give and take negotiation” will begin from Wednesday once the NC comes up with its political roadmap and prime ministerial candidate.

Parties have no differences over holding second CA polls by April and other technical issues, but the dispute lies on power sharing. The Maoist party is seeking a continue their leadership, while the NC is adamant that it should lead government for holding election in a “free and fair manner.”

The Maoists have said their first priority is transforming the incumbent government into a national unity one if consensus is not forged, while leaders say they are ready to forward another PM candidate from the coalition.

Posted on: 2012-12-05 08:34