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Indian SSB patrolling in Susta


SSB jawans of Indian security force have been patrolling in Susta of Nawalparasi district in Nepal with arms openly.

As per security policy, security force of one country can not enter another country with weapons. But the SSB have been entering in Susta with arms.

Although encroachment of Nepali territory by Indian side has been in 14,000 hectares in Susta so far, no special initiative has been taken to return it to Susta people.

Nepali administration is silent despite the entry of Indian SSB with arms openly. On this, when CDO of Nawalparasi Parashuram Aryal was asked, he said he was unaware of it and added one can not enter another country with arms, and if found so, he will take initiative to take action on the Indian security forces as per the law.

Susta has a population of 2,500 in 267 households. In the past, Susta was different VDC but it is now in Tribeni Susta VDC Ward No. 4 because of Indian encroachment.

The Indian SSB has shown its strong presence by establishing three camps in the boarder near Susta.

On this, the APF SP of Nawalparasi, Chitra Bahadur Khatri said he was unaware and added Indian security forces can not enter Nepali territory with arms as per the law.

Nawalparasi SP Kamal Bahadur GT said the state should make strong presence in Susta and there should be no right to the Indian security force to patrol with weapons. RSS


Posted on: 2012-11-29 03:49