Three women, poverty and hardship


Life has not at all been kind to these three women living in Padampur in the district.

Santa Kumari Chepang, 65, went blind after she gave birth to her first son 30 years ago. “First my eyes started itching. It was conjunctivitis. I could have got it cured had I visited an eye specialist on time,” she said.

Now, living in a small house alone, there is no one to look after her. The house was built with help from a tourist one year ago. Her husband left the house some years ago, while her younger son also disappeared. Except for her eldest son, who visits her sometime, she is all alone and cooks rice for herself when she is well. Otherwise, she goes to bed empty stomach.

Although, a local NGO manages food for her, she has not received any relief from the government.

Similar is the plight of 77-year-old Santa Maya Tamang of the same village. She is supporting her mentally ill son by crushing stones at the quarry. “We (my son and me) crush stones at a local river in the morning and I manage two square meals a day from the income,” she said.

Santa Maya’s husband died 18 years ago, while her daughter was married to a man and her younger son is living separately after

marriage. Expect for a small house, she has nothing.

Eighty-year-old Sumitra Chepang’s story is no different. Also of Padampur, she is facing tough times due to a lack of support. After her husband left her for another woman, she is living with her son, who is a daily wage earner. She has not received a single penny from the government so far.

Founding chairman of the Child Welfare Chitwan, Keshab Khanal, which built a house for Sumitra, said the government must help such helpless women.

Posted on: 2012-08-27 08:42