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Dahal's proposal fails to impress hardliners

KATHMANDU, JUN 14 - The hard-line faction of the UCPN (Maoist) has expressed its dissatisfaction over the seven-point agenda floated by Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal for party unity. The faction has said that the seven-point agenda does not create a basis for unity as there is nothing new to it.

The hard-line faction reached such a conclusion after senior Vice-chairman Mohan Baidya held discussion about the chairman's proposal within his camp. Dahal and Baidya met on Wednesday to hold talks for party unity at the former's residence in Lazimpat. In the meeting, Dahal had suggested a seven-point proposal for party unity. According to Samir Dahal, a close aide to Chairman Dahal, Baidya left Lazimpat saying that he would first discuss the agenda in his faction and inform the chairman about it. Earlier in the day, a Standing Committee meeting of the Dahal faction had decided to exhibit maximum flexibility for party unity.

According to Dev Gurung, an influential leader within the hard-line camp, Chairman Dahal has failed to live up to his commitment to state in writing that the present line adopted by the party has failed and that he would apologise for the mistakes. “We expected that he would say in writing whatever he had committed to us,” said Gurung. He said that they had expected Dahal to apologise for failing to deliver a pro-people constitution, disbanding Peoples Liberation Army and the process of army integration. “Instead, the chairman has said that he is ready to apolgise if he has made any mistakes. This is not what he had told us,” said Gurung. Gurung also informed that the faction would respond to Dahal's proposal on Thursday.

Dahal, in the unity proposal, has said, “leadership is ready to review all the decisions taken regarding peace, constitution and government formation after the Palungtar meet." Dahal had insisted that the basis for party unity has increased in order to deliver a pro-people constitution after the CA dissolution. In his proposal, Dahal has called for holding a party's convention in February to settle the contentious issues. Dahal has also reiterated that he is ready for leadership change in the party through discussions in a Central Committee meeting.


Posted on: 2012-06-14 04:00