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Pulami skipped IX, Send-up exams too


It has been revealed that lawmaker Prem Bahadur Pulami, who used a ringer in his SLC exam at a Rautahat centre, is found to have passed Grade 9 and Send-up examinations without sitting the tests.

It is learnt that Pulami got the certificates with the help of teachers at the Chandranigahapur-based Janajyoti Higher Secondary School in which he was enrolled. A school source said that though Pulami was admitted to the school, he did not attend classes even for a single day. According to the regulations, one having 70 percent attendance is allowed to sit exams of Grade 9 and the SLC send-up. However, it is learnt that Pulami’s attendance was registered by another man in his name. “Pulami never attended school for classes. We are investigating into the matter,” Headmaster Yogendra Prasad Yadav said. When contacted, Pulami did not comment on the matter. He is a Maoist Constituent Assembly member.


Posted on: 2012-04-01 09:15