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‘Parties conspiring to sour relation between Maoist, NA’


UCPN (Maoist) Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal has accused the political parties of carrying out fake promotional stunt concerning the proposal put forth by the Nepal Army for the integration process.

He said the NA came with the proposal as per the request by the Army Integration Special Committee.

Speaking at a programme in the Capital on Saturday, Dahal said the parties have been conspiring to sour the relation between the Maoist and the NA by carrying out fake promotional stunt concerning the proposal.

Following the controversy over the alleged agreement between the Maoist and the NA over the integration of combatants, there has been conflicting claims from the key stakeholders over the new 'flexibility' of the Army.

As per the Army's proposal, 64 combatants will be given the rank of major, 120 will be made captains, 96 lieutenants and 120 second lieutenants in the new directorate. The Army has counted 1996 as the cut-off date on rank determination and argued that its cadets enrolled 17 years ago have so far only been given the rank of major.

Earlier, the Army had said that each of the combatants selected for lower ranks should complete nine-month training and those selected for officers should complete a 20-month training programme after the bridging course. The Army has said it will not accept 'unit-wise entry', but that combatants will be allowed to 'stay in groups.'

Posted on: 2012-02-18 01:27