509 combatants from 5th division cantonment receive cheque

  • Injured, disable snubs


Cheque distribution at division headquarters in Dahawan, Sunil Memorial Brigade and Jwar Memorial Brigade in Rolpa under the fifth division cantonment has been completed on Monday.

The distribution work will be initiated at Mangalsen Memorial Brigade at Ugha this evening.

Till date, 183 combatants from division headquarters, 202 combatants from Sunil Memorial and 124 from Juruwa Memorial have received cheque. Out of 385 combatants opting voluntary retirement from Dahawan on Saturday, 233 have received the cheque. Remaining 172 combatants, received cheque on Monday morning.   

Meanwhile, injured, disable combatants of fifth division have ignored to receive cheque.

According to Rajendra Raut Chettri, member of Struggle Committee of Injured and Disable, they did not take the cheque as their nine-point demand put forth to the prime minister have not been addressed.

It has been reported that more than hundred are opting voluntary retirement out of 150 combatants in fifth division.


Posted on: 2012-02-06 04:23