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UN mission refutes Haiti cholera charge


The Permanent Mission of Nepal to the United Nations on Friday dubbed the news reports that blamed Nepali peacekeepers for Cholera outbreak in Haiti baseless and malicious.

"The Permanent Mission of Nepal firmly rejects such baseless, malicious and unfounded reports put out by some media and individuals without any regard to the specific evidence to the country," said the permanent mission of Nepal to the UN in New York.

Expressing regret over cholera outbreak and loss of lives in Haiti, the mission said the troops and police peacekeepers are being rotated round the year and Nepal conducts a thorough and standard medical check-up of its troops and police before sending them to any Peacekeeping Missions.

"Since 1958, according to the statement, none of the host countries have reported any communicable disease including Cholera that could be linked to Nepali peacekeepers," said Amrit Rai, Minister Counsellor of the mission in a statement.

"Similarly no Peacekeeping Missions currently deploying Nepali peacekeepers in other 12 Missions have reported any communicable disease either." 

The mission has also reminded that United Nations has refuted the allegations in clearest terms, after several scientific lab tests carried out by United Nations, independent organizations and the Haitian government itself.

Nepal has been contributing troops and police to the United Nations Peacekeeping Operations since 1958 and during this period more than 80,000 peacekeepers have rendered their service in more than 40 UN Peacekeeping Missions. Currently, Nepali peacekeepers are being deployed in 13 different UN peacekeeping missions, including Haiti.


Posted on: 2010-11-19 09:14