How the cops chickened out


Unbelievable, but true. A man in Rautahat district convicted by the court of robbery avoided his prison term for 15 years by bribing police personnel with roosters. Each time the court sent a policeman to arrest him, the ingenious one would gift a rooster to the cop, who would then return happily with the gratis for the family plate.

In 15 years, the convicted one gave away 41 roosters. But, he got caught the 42nd time last month when a high-level delegation from the judiciary made an observation visit to the district.

The field visit of the Judgement Execution Directorate (JED) to Rautahat found this occurrence an archetypal case of non-compliance of court verdicts, which run into a figure of over 100,000 across the country (see front page report on Nov. 17 edition of  the Post).

Be it a rooster or a wad of cash or even high-level political channels, convicted felons are blatantly using such methods to disregard the court’s verdict, andthe  law enforcement officers are also encouraging such acts.

“One reason behind rising impunity is ineffective implementation of court verdicts. It is the duty of law enforcement agencies to implement the verdicts,” JED Chief Y. P. Basyal said.

Incompetent and corrupt policing system, however, is not the sole reason for inefficient enforcement of court orders. Convicts easily manipulate court decisions as there is a lack of systematic filing of judgements and details concerning criminals.

The statistics of Supreme Court (SC) show that courts all over the country have racked up unimplemented prison terms of 81,007 years and fine arrears of Rs. 4.17 billion in the last 70 years.

“These numbers reflect the law enforcement efficacy of our country,” Rajendra Kumar Acharya, director of JED, said. “Public faith in the court system will erode if the law enforcement mechanism continues to promote impunity and the crime rate.”

The SC has set up the JED to enforce unimplemented court orders and make the judiciary more systematic.

The Rautahat district case was an example of the execution of a longstanding verdict. “I cannot pinpoint any particular person who managed to elude the court’s judgement, but there are other incidents of this kind as well,” said Radha Kant Jha, judgement execution officer at Rautahat District Court.

The arrestee (name concealed) who evaded arrest for 15 years thanks to 41 cockerels, has finally had his goose cooked.





Posted on: 2010-11-18 08:46