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Nepali speakers threatened to quit Meghalaya

SILIGURI , MAY 17 - In what looks like a prejudiced policy of ethnic cleansing against Nepali speaking people, the Khasi community of the north-eastern state of Meghalaya in India have issued a 24-hour ultimatum to the minority Nepali speaking community living in Langpih to leave the place over a land debate.

After inspecting the Langpih area, Chairman of Khasi Ethnic Organisation, Prayanki Kharumanuid warned the Nepali speaking community to evict the land.

Earlier, a dispute had aroused between the Nepali and Khasi at Langapi situated at the border of Meghalaya and Assam on Sunday. Seven people of Khasi community died after police personnel open gunshots to control the situation.

 Following the incident, Khasi people have warned the Nepali residing in Langapi and Juwai area to quit the land.

According to Meghalaya Gorkha Welfare Center member TR Joshi, the Khasi people have been coercing and intimidating the Nepali community with violent activities such as torching of their houses and threatening them to leave their job.

 In the past, there used to be incidents of dispute between the Khasi and the Nepali community, but this time the debate took a violent turn in which seven people had to lose their lives, Joshi said.

Indian people of Nepali origin occupy 2.6 percent of the total population of Meghalaya.




Posted on: 2010-05-17 03:35