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CIAA springs into action

  • Labour attachés’ posting

KATHMANDU, MAY 11 - The Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA) on Monday sought all the documents and dossiers related to the appointment of labour attachés in six labour destination countries from the Ministry of Labour and Transport Management.

Violating the directives and criteria set by ministries of finance, foreign affairs and general administration, the labour ministry had forwarded a proposal to appoint attachés in six countries, where a large number of Nepalis are working.

“We have been receiving complaints that wrong officials have been picked to be appointed as labour attachés by the ministry concerned. The media coverage on Monday heightens our suspicion further so we demanded all the dossiers related,” a senior CIAA official told the Post. “We have received the documents and will look into the matter.”

“While granting permit to appoint the attachés, the finance ministry had put forth three criteria, which the labour ministry flouted. The three line ministries have reservation over the issue,” a senior foreign ministry official said, adding that the due procedure should be followed.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal is holding a meeting among ministers and secretaries from the foreign and labour ministries.

Candidates for the post of labour attache need command over English language, labour policies of the host country and work experience at the labour ministry to qualify for the post. In a clear violation of the requirements, the nominated officials are associated with general administration, health and local development ministries and the postal service department. Nepal does not have its mission in Oman but the ministry has proposed an attaché there, much to the surprise of the line ministries.

The labour ministry has proposed Bishal Bhattrai, Bhavishwor Pandey, Krishna Hari Puskar, Kashi Ram Dahal, Bishnu Hari Upadhyay and Murari Osti as labour attachés in Kuwait, Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan, Israel and Oman, respectively.

Posted on: 2010-05-11 08:44