Professionals, enterpreneurs organise peace rally

KATHMANDU, MAY 07 - In a bid to put pressure on the government and political parties for peace and statute, entrepreneurs and professionals organised peace rallies and assemblies at separate places across the nation on Friday.  The agitating Maoists, however, obstructed the rallies in some places, leading to clashes.

In Kathmandu, a peace assembly was organised at Basantapur today. Police had to use force as the Maoist activists obstructed a peace rally headed for Basantapur in Kupondole. Maoist lawmaker Prembahadur Bulami sustained minor injuries in the incident.

People take part in peace assembly organised as Basantapur. Photo: Khim Ghale 

The peace demonstrators and the agitating Maoists engaged in a brief clash at Kupondole and Ratnapark. Police, however, brought the situation under control before it took a nasty turn. Tear-gas shells were fired to disperse crowds in Ratnapark.

The situation pacified only after repeated attempts by the Maoist leaders to control the party cadres.

A view of peace assembly at Basantapur in Kathamandu on Friday. Photo: Bikas Rauniar

Meanwhile, the scheduled peace rallies in Bhaktapur, Dhankuta, Panauti and Surkhet, among other places could not take place. 

Police chase Maoist activists in Ratnapark on Friday. Photo: Narendra Shrestha

Some 48 associations including Federation of Nepalese Chamber of Commerce and Industries (FNCCI), Nepal Chamber of Commerce, Professional’s Alliance for Peace and Democracy (PAPAD) and Hotel Association of Nepal (HAN), among others, jointly organised the peace assemblies.


The civil society members in Janakpur took out a peace rally. The rally for peace and constitution that was coordinated by Janakpur chapter of FNCCI today saw a huge turn out of attendants from various walks of life including teachers, academicians, lawyers, journalists, entrepreneurs, rights activists, among other civil society members.

Locals gathered at major junctions in the city applauded the rally.

  Peace rally at Janakpur. Photo: Shyam Sundar Sashi

Peace rally put off in Pokhara

However, the professionals could not take out the peace rally in Pokhara due to Maoist threats.

Cadres of Maoist youth front Young Communist League, carrying batons and rods have been mobilised at Lakeside and Amarsinghchowk where the peace rally was scheduled to take place.

Likewise, a mother group was also deterred from taking out their rally. Earlier, Maoists had misbehaved with Jagadamba Aama Group chairman Durga Pahari, threatening her not to take out the rally.

With the intention to retaliate, Maoist cadres have been mobilised at several places in the town.

Earlier yesterday, locals had staged anti-strike demonstrations at various places in Pokhara.  







Posted on: 2010-05-07 10:27